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Inspire - Nurture - Flourish

Year Three Notice Board

Class Reading Books
This term we will be reading Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell.      

 Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell - Bookworm Hanoi




Ukuleles - going forward, please can you ensure that ukuleles are sent in to school on a Tuesday as they will need to be tuned in advance of the following day's lesson. Thank you.

Please ensure your child is coming to school with some extra warm layers on, as the cold weather is now here. All children should also have a warm coat in school. 

Please make sure that your child has brought their own non-coloured glue stick into school if they have not already done so. Thank you.


Book List

As part of our focus on reading in school, we would like to develop the lending library of books within each class. This will enable the children to foster a passion and love of reading at Belmont and ensure that they have access to high quality texts.

Please find links to two book lists that have a variety of we would love to have in class.  Once a book has been donated to the class we will add it to the list of books purchased.  Please check this list to ensure that the book that you would like to donate is one that we don't already have.

Year 3 recommended Book list 

Love reading 4 schools (Year 3)

List of books donated so far 


Home School partnership Video

20.09.21 - Please find below the link to the slides for the Year 3 Home School Partnership video. The video can be found on the Stream page in Google Classroom using your child's login details.

Year 3 Home School Partnership slides


Welcome to Year 3! 

Elm - Mrs Clifton (Mrs Boyadjian- Thursday)
Willow - Mr McDonnell
Mrs Bridges


Login Sheets 

All children have brought home with their computer login sheets. Please check your child's bag and keep this in a safe place. 

Water Bottles 

Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle to school with them each day so that they can hydrate regularly throughout the day. 


Reading Records and Books

  • Please ensure that all books are recorded in the reading record along with the dates that reading has taken place. We encourage daily reading. 
  • Please sign/initial these entries.
  • Comments about the book and your child's reading are welcomed with at least 3 comments a week. 
  • All reading records are checked on Mondays so please send into school even if a new book is not needed.
  • Reading books can be changed as needed - on any day of the week.
  • Children may record their own books in the reading record so we can see what else they are reading. 



All children will learn to play the ukulele in Year 3. Lessons with a teacher from Hounslow Music Service will begin on Wednesday 22nd September. Please see the Parentmail sent on 6/9/21 for details if you wish to purchase a ukulele and ensure your child brings it to school on the 22nd.

Useful information for parents - Online ukulele tuner link 

Strings – from top – My dog has fleas ( this is a good way to hear if your ukulele is in tune). 
G 4th string (top string)
C 3rd string
E 2nd string
A 1st string (ground)

Which way to turn the turners video




Spring Topic 

Our topic this term is Clink where we will be learning about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.




The below list is part of an initiative called Word Aware that we are using in school. We thought it would be helpful to share this list with you so that you can use some of these words at home when discussing the topic. If your child speaks a different language at home, it would be helpful to discuss and translate these words using your home language. We may add to this list during the topic as new words are introduced. 

Word Aware - Clink 


Knowledge Organisers

Further information about the learning in geography and history is available on our new Knowledge Organisers. This can be found in the Willow and Elm Google Classrooms.

Elm Google Classroom Willow Goggle Classroom 


As you may be aware, last year Belmont introduced a new cursive handwriting scheme for those children who can consistently form all non-cursive letters correctly.
Here is a link to the handwriting guidelines to enable you to support your children practising letter formation at home. 

Belmont Handwriting Guidelines



Elm PE days will be Monday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor).
Willow PE days will be Monday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor). 
Children are to come to school in full PE kit on these days as there will be no changing in school. 


Weekly Routines


Elm and Willow - Outdoor PE





Elm and Willow - French and Ukulele lessons


 Willow - Indoor PE 


Elm - Indoor PE


Calendar/ Key dates  

School Diary


5.1.22 - Spring term



Home Learning

For further information about Home Learning and ideas on how to support your child please click here.

When supporting your child with Maths calculation please look at the methods we use in Year 3 in the school Year 3 Calculation Policy.


Daily (15-20 mins)

Please ensure that all books are recorded in the reading record along with the dates that reading has taken place. Please sign/initial these entries. Comments about the book and your child's reading are welcomed. Three comments per week is ideal.  

Reading records are checked on Mondays but reading books can be changed on any day.

Children may borrow books from the classroom library and the Junior Library.

Please note that children are responsible for changing their own books. 

Grammar & Punctuation 

Please complete the pages listed in the table below  in your CGP Grammar book. These are due in school to be marked every Wednesday.


The words will be listed below from Wednesday and the children will be tested on the following Thursday/Friday. 


This will available from Wednesday to be completed by the following Wednesday. The task is available on Google Classroom. 

Times Tables

Times table practice sheets


Creative Home Learning

Details will be on Google Classroom from Friday 8th October.

Creative Home Learning to be submitted by Friday 3rd December.

This week:                   

Grammar & Punctuation

Please complete pages 50-51 'Apostrophes for Missing Letters'  in your CGP Grammar book. These are due in school to be marked every Wednesday.


Please see this week's assignment on Google Classroom.


 The Statutory Spelling List below is for your reference. It shows the words/spelling patterns that

children should know by the end of Year 4. 

 Y3/4 Statutory Spelling list  -



Please learn the words in the table below for our spelling dictation task on the following Thursday/Friday.

Adding suffixes beginning with a vowel (er/ed/ing/en) to words with more than one syllable (stressed last syllable - double the final consonant)




Year 3 Recommended Reading List

Learning Tree


Learning in school this week:

Adventure and Mystery Stories / Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Maths Multiplication and division 
Learning next week:
English Adventure and Mystery Stories / Setting descriptions 
Maths Division



French homework is optional but we recommend children use Year 3's French Google Classroom, Linguascope and Belmont's French Website to consolidate what has been taught in class.

French Google Classroom

All year 3 children should have been invited to their French Google classroom where they can find French tasks and activities. 

Belmont's French Website

Go to Belmont's French website - where Year 3 have their own page - to find out what we have been doing in class and for extra activities and videos. The French website is updated regularly. Children must be logged in to their Google account to access the website.


 We recommend children use Linguascope regularly to learn French and other languages. The Linguascope link and log in details can be found in year 3's French Google classroom.