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Year Three Notice Board

A few notices:.

  • This week in Maths we have been teaching written methods for multiplication, Please refer to the calculation  policy your child will be bringing home, to see the methods we have taught. The previous link below is unavailable at the moment. We will add a new link to this shortly.  It is vital the children learn the partitioning method before moving to more formal short multiplication. Please support your child at home by doing a couple together.
  • You will see an additional column for spellings. These are High Frequency Year 3 words. Some children will only need to practise these but everyone else can practise if they feel they would like extra spellings. 
  • No swimming next week!
  • No clubs next week! 
  • Class reps have been given a list  of food and drinks for our Christmas class party which is Wednesday 19th December. Please speak to the reps to discuss if you would kindly like to contribute food and drinks.  Also remember the children will have just had their lunch so we won't need a large amount. 
  • Our Christmas carol concert is on the 18th December. Elm and Willow will be singing at different times: 9.30-10.15am is Elm class and 10.45-11.30am is Willow class.


Swimming- Every Tuesday morning at Brentford Leisure Centre. Children need to bring their swimming costume, towel and swimming hat in a bag ever week and take it home again that day. Goggles are optional.

PE- Every Tuesday afternoon. Children will need a full winter Belmont PE kit as we are now into the colder weather. Please make sure that everything is labelled.

French - Wednesday afternoons.


Calendar/ Key dates  

Tuesday 18th December - Christmas carol concert

Wednesday 19th December - Class Christmas party 

Friday 21st December - Last day of the Autumn term 

Tuesday 8th January - Children start the Spring Term 

Monday 14th January - Clubs begin

Tuesday 15th January - swimming starts

 School Diary


Powerpoint from Home School Partnership Evening

 Home Learning

Recent and extensive educational research has found that homework for primary aged children has minimal impact unless it reinforces learning and regularly allows children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings.



Children are expected to read at home regularly (at least 15 - 20 minutes daily) and to discuss their reading with an adult at home to develop language and comprehension.  Reading Record books must be brought into school every Monday to be checked. It may be that the Reading Record is checked more than once during the week. Children can change their reading book at any point during the week if they have read the ones they already have.  Also children may borrow books from the Junior Library. We encourage the children to share their library book with an adult at home as well. We will be encouraging them to take ownership with this.

Helping your child with reading

Nurturing young readers

Reading with your child in Key Stage 2

Year 3 Reading List


Key words/ Spelling

Each week there will be two lists of spelling. The lists will be called 'Mild' and 'Hot' and children should choose which one they want to learn from. They will be given on a Wednesday and tested the following Monday. Each week the lists will link to a spelling pattern or rule. 


High Frequency Words 

1. came

2. could

3. every

4. does

5. first

6. goes

7. gone

8. great

9. heard

10. knew


1. bravely

2. happily

3. loudly

4. neatly

5. proudly

6. quietly

7. safely

8. kindly

9. gladly

10. brightly


1. gracefully

2. foolishly

3. swiftly

4. wisely

5. nervously

6. politely

7. promptly

8. automatically

9. effortlessly

10. generously


Below are some links to support with spelling at home.

Look Say Cover Write Check

Ideas to help with spelling


Grammar Workbook:

This week we would like you to complete these pages:

Adverbs pg10 and pg11 



 Number Facts and Times Tables

You can print you child's times tables challenge to practise at home.

 Times tables challenge

Maths Curriculum Grid Year 3

Calculations Policy


Creative Home Learning

Year 3 Autumn Creative Home Learning 2018


Learning this week: 


Dialogues and Plays 


Multiplication and division 


Learning next week:


Dialogues and plays


Multiplication and division 


Year 3 Autumn Learning Tree