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Inspire - Nurture - Flourish

Year Two Notice Board                            

Books we have been reading in class this term include:

 Popcorn: History Corner: Florence Nightingale by Kay Barnham | Hachette UK             



Book List

As part of our focus on reading in school, we would like to develop the lending library of books within each class. This will enable the children to foster a passion and love of reading at Belmont and ensure that they have access to high quality texts.

Please find links to two book lists that have a variety of we would love to have in class.  Once a book has been donated to the class we will add it to the list of books purchased.  Please check this list to ensure that the book that you would like to donate is one that we don't already have.

Year 2 recommended book list

Love Reading 4 schools - Year 2 (age 6/7)

Books donated so far


Home School Partnership

On the Google Classroom for Damsons/Apricots you will find a Home School Partnership welcome presentation video with information about Year 2. Parents will be able to access this using their child's Google Classroom log-in. Here are the slides: Home School Partnership

             Word Aware

             Our topic the Spring term is Fighting for Survival.

The below list is part of an initiative called Word Aware that we are using in school.  We thought it would be helpful to share this list with you so that you can use some of these words at home when discussing the topic.  If your child speaks a different language at home, it would be helpful to discuss and translate these words using your home language.     

             Word Aware Grid Spring 2022

             Y2 Spring Learning Tree 2022

             Knowledge Organisers

Further information about the learning in history and geography is available on our new Knowledge Organisers.  These are available on the Apricots and Damsons Google Classrooms.

Home Learning

Each Year 2 child will bring home a CGP KS1 English - Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Homework Book. Below are details on which task to complete and these books need to be returned each Monday to be marked in class. Do not let your child complete all of the tasks in these books, we will set work linked to what we teach in class where possible and we will be assigning tasks each week therefore the book will not be completed in page order. 

Each week we will be setting homework on a Monday. This is to be completed within 1 week by the following Monday. Home Learning is assigned through the Apricots and Damsons Google Classrooms. Further information about the learning in history and geography is available on our new Knowledge Organisers. These are available on Google Classroom in the Classwork tab. 


Books for Year 2

Here is a list of 50 books that are recommended reads for Year 2. 

50 Reads for Year 2 


Handwriting sheets (to print off at home)

Handwriting cursive alphabet

Handwriting cursive days of the week

Handwriting cursive Y2 words 


Calendar/ Key dates

School Diary

5.1.22 - Spring term

7.2.22 - STEM Enrichment Week

11.2.22 - End of half term

Home Learning for this week:


15 minutes daily.

Please return every Monday and every Friday to get new books.

Children will take a school library book to read at home for pleasure. Please return these the following Monday so they can return it to the library and choose a new book. 


Spellings to practise for WB 24/1/22. Please practise the words below which are all homophones therefore they sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Here they are in sentences:

I slept well last night.  King Arthur was a brave knight. I can see the stars. Florence sailed across the sea. One add one is two.  I won the race.  Please come over here. I can’t hear you.  Would you like to play with me? My dress is too long.


These spellings will be tested on Monday 31st January.

 Common Exception Words Y1 & Y2


 Times Table Challenges can be printed here

CGP KS1 English - Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Homework Book


24/1/22 - Please complete the following task(s) in the CGP KS1 English - Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Homework Book - Page 16 Punctuation - Apostrophes for Missing Letters

This will be checked and marked on 31/1/22.

Check all of the below pages are completed and up to date.

Pages completed so far Pgs 2-9, Pgs 12-15, Pg 19, Pg 22, Pg 40 & Pg42

We will usually aim to set tasks which match the learning in class where possible.



24/1/22 - Please complete the following task(s) on MyMaths - [Y2] Dividing

Please login to MyMaths and complete this weeks homework by 31/1/22.

You can always access the 'Practice' tab with progress/booster tasks. We will usually aim to set tasks which match the learning in class where possible.

Creative Home Learning Project 

Fighting for Survival Creative Home Learning - Information TBC


General Routine Information



Damsons visit the library every Monday.

We complete our weekly spellings

Tuesday Indoor PE (Damsons)  Damsons need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.

Outdoor PE (Damsons) 

Indoor PE (Apricots)

Apricots & Damsons need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.


Outdoor PE (Apricots) 

Apricots visit the library every Thursday

Apricots need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.


Times-Table Challenge


For further information about Home Learning and ideas on how to support your child please click here

Common Exception Words - these are the words to read and spell by the end of Y2

CEW Y1 List & Y2 List

Learning this week:

Information Texts 


Multiplication and Division

Learning next week:
English Traditional Tales
Maths Multiplication and Division

Thank you for your support this year!

Class Reps

Our class reps are:

BHSA Apricots: Wynne Barnwell (Thomas' Mum)

BHSA Damsons: Kamal Kishore (Akshra's Dad) & Mariam Mumtaz (Ayesha's Mum)