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Enriching the Curriculum

Children across the school enjoy exciting educational visits that have been mapped to ensure that the 'Belmont child' experiences a diverse range of activities and places, making the most of London whilst avoiding repetition.  We also plan for the children to visit the seaside and other 'essential' childhood places e.g. the zoo, a farm and some key museums e.g. the Natural History Museum, the London Transport Museum and Science Museum. 

Visitors are invited into school to enhance the curriculum and regularly include authors, artists, parents and other members of our local community.  In 2019-2020, we are planning for a number of focused enrichment weeks:  STEAM, Creative Arts, Health and Well-being, Climate Change, Anti-bullying and Book Week.


Climat Change Awareness Week                    Creative Arts Week


Hounslow Choir Competition                         STEAM Week stomp rockets


Climate Change Awareness Week 2019


Health and Well-being Week 2019 part 1, part 2 & part 3


Creative Arts Week: Painting circles with Tanya Saunders, Non- such Orchestra and Ballet 4 Life, Nigerian/Ghanaian drumming, upcycling and embroidery with Etka Kaulphotography and collage with Kristjana Williams


STEAM Fortnight 2019