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Netball Cluster Tournament: Year 5/6

On Thursday 8th March 2018, Belmont’s netball A team made a visit to Chiswick Secondary School to take part in a netball tournament. Their main rivals were St. Mary’s, whose team had previously won the Chiswick Clusters Tournament! However, Strand on the Green and Cavendish were also worthy competitors. The tournament was made up of 6 games, 3 of which Belmont took part in.


In the first game Belmont took on Cavendish, who had never played netball before. Cavendish brought some stress upon Belmont but luckily Belmont came out on top. Winning 13-0. We interviewed their GS (Paddy Peters) who told us about the match, “Cavendish found it difficult to cope with our quick thinking, which meant that we had possession of the ball throughout the match!”


That put Belmont in lead although St. Mary’s won their next match against Strand on the Green 4-0, this put a lot of pressure on Belmont to deliver! Fortunately, they handled the pressure very well and they ended up winning 12-0 (against Strand)! We asked their GA (Lily Scott) what she thought about the match, “I found it hard because of my height disadvantage but I persevered and I was lucky enough to be awarded star player by my fellow teammates!”


In the next match, St. Mary’s thrashed Cavendish 6-0! It was the final match, Belmont versus St. Mary’s. Who ever won this would be the Chiswick Champions and would steal the trophy! Everyone was biting their nails in anticipation, it was all in the hands of Julia Bevers and Grace Pollitt! It was a bad start, St. Mary’s had possession of the ball and were about to score. The stadium erupted with cheers as St. Mary’s scored a goal! Belmont’s hearts sank, where they still going to win? There were seven minutes left, would it be long enough for Belmont to score a goal? No one knew!


Belmont were amazing and didn’t let it get to them. With a happy morale, Belmont kept on going and scored 3 goals! Then everyone cheered as the whistle blew. They had done it! Belmont were the Chiswick Champions!


Julia Bevers (Belmont Captain) told us,” It was undermining when the other team scored however we persevered and we ended up on top!”


Next week, Belmont will take on another 13 schools in order to represent Hounslow at the London Youth Games.


Written by Paddy Peters, Ayelet Nachmany and Leila Wilson.