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VE Day

On the 8th May 1945 the Second World War, a war that had lasted nearly six years and wreaked devastation in many countries across the world ended. Victory in Europe (VE) day was celebrated by millions of people across this country and in towns and cities across the world with street parties, dancing and singing. Today’s bank holiday remembers this momentous day as well as the whole of the Second World War. It is so important to remember the people who fought and the sacrifices they made. This war was so universal that nearly every family has a story to tell about its effect on them. Even if someone you know didn’t fight, they would have been affected by bombings, rationing, evacuation or the home front. It is all these people that we remember today.


However, while this day is about remembrance, it is also about celebration, celebrating the end of a terrible time and looking forward to new hope. So in these uncertain times, where the whole world again is in the grip of a crisis, it is important to remember that there is always hope. They say after the announcement on the 8th May 1945 that the sound of music, children playing, singing and dancing didn’t stop all day! So put out the bunting, put on the music, get your dancing shoes on and remember, above all, hope prevails.



Here are some photographs of the original celebrations as inspiration.