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Y6 Barton Hall PGL - Day One

As the glorious sun rose this morning it brought along a positive energy in the children as they realised it was finally time to go on PGL! While embarking on the coach, there was excitement in the air and there were beaming smiles across everyone’s face (including the teachers!). There was a huge sigh of relief as the coach pulled away and one child said, “Woohoo! We have made it, COVID-19 won’t stop us!”
After a lot of chat and giggles being heard across the coach, we stopped for a snack break and then for a spot of lunch. Once we had eaten, the children (and some teachers) really enjoyed participating in a game of 'Duck, duck, goose' and the 'chicken dance'. As we boarded the coach for the final stretch, the excitement increased until we finally turned the corner and saw the PGL sign. This was followed by a large roar and huge cheer.

The children are settling into the dorms and can not wait for their first meal and then the evening activity!

What an exciting day today has been! We cannot wait to see what our first full day will bring.