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Y6 Barton Hall PGL - Day Three

Today we have had an amazing second day of activities. It’s been warm but cloudy which was probably needed after yesterday’s hot weather. The groups have taken part in raft building and you guessed it, it involved getting very wet when we had to ‘abandon ship’ into the lake, especially when ‘HMS Baguette’ got destroyed. We have also done the trapeze, as well as a sensory trail. For this we got to follow challenging obstacles including being blindfolded and had to trust the person in front. A LOT of teamwork was needed! We’ve had a chance to do some rifle shooting today but were lucky to be under cover as it then drizzled.
The children described some of their experiences: “It was awesome.” “I want to hit more targets.” “Raft building was challenging but fun because everyone worked as a team and at the end we got to enter the water!” “The food is mouth melting.” “The HMS Baguette still lives in us.”