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We take security very seriously at Belmont and the School is equipped with a security door by the School Office, which is the only means of access between the start of the school day and going home time.  Only members of staff are permitted to open this door to admit visitors including parents, and we ask all parents to observe this rule.


All visitors must report to the Office and sign in using the new visitor management system. A badge is then issued to make it clear to those on site that they have signed in.  This also ensures that all those on site can be accounted for in case of emergency evacuation of the building.  Visitors are often asked to provide photographic identification, and are also asked to report to the Office before they leave so that departure times can be recorded.


CCTV cameras cover the other access points to the building and the school gates are locked shortly after 9.00am until 3.00pm.  The other external doors are also inaccessible from the outside except by means of a security code, apart from at playtimes and lunch. 


All staff are under instruction to challenge persons found in the school building or grounds without known or visible authorisation. Outside school hours, the building is protected by a burglar alarm system linked to Hounslow's Emergency Response Unit and the Police.


Personal belongings

We ask that children do not bring any valuable items into school, unless their class teacher has been made aware.  The School cannot accept responsibility for such items.  Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones into school apart from those children in Year 6 who have been authorised to carry one as they are walking independently to and from school.  In this case the mobile phones are collected at the beginning of the school day and locked away securely.