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Y6 Notice Board during school closure


School is closed until further notice due to the government’s response to Coronavirus.

We will post school work on this Notice Board on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you need to contact us please use the following email addresses:





We have created a password protected Y6 page which allows us to post children's work and photos safely.  You will receive a parentmail with the Y6 password.  Please do not share this beyond our immediate Y6 community.


We hope that you and your families stay safe and well. Here is some advice from the Healthy Schools team: Staying Healthy - Information for Parent 


Hello Year 6

It's Friday already! You've now completed two weeks of virtual learning and you're all doing brilliantly. We are so impressed with your work ethic:  tasks set are being completed, and you're sharing wonderful work with us via email.  We also love hearing about all the other fun things you are doing from bread making to coding with Python!  As we head into the weekend, enjoy time relaxing with your families,  exercise when you can and get lots of restful sleep!

Friday 3rd April



Purplemash 2Do Futuristic invention 

We are holding a 'futuristic gadget' invention competition!  The task is to think of and design a futuristic gadget. What will it do? Who will use it? What will it be called? Why is it futuristic? Winner announced on Monday! 

Once you have finalized your gadget, you will have to use your powers of persuasion to convince us that it is the best!

Self mark Wednesday's Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling exercises using the answers in the back of your CGP Question Book


Mrs Fanshawe:     

This week we our topic is Algebra.

Please mark Wednesday's  work: 

Answers Mild Answers Hot Answers Spicy 

 Today's  tasks 

Task 1: Complete MyMaths 'Substitution 1' homework.

Task 2: Watch MyMaths lesson 'Equations 1 - one-step'. Then complete the 'Equations 1' homework.

Task 3: Watch MyMaths lesson 'Equations 2 - multi-step'. Then complete the 'Equations 2' homework.

Task 4:  Write equations. Choose from Mild, Hot or Spicy.

Write equations questions


Miss Kay:

Please mark Wednesday's work:   Wednesday answers

Thank you to those children who have sent me their time questions. I will work through those over the Easter break. If you have not already done so please still do so if you would like to. 


                                               It is arithmetic Friday! 

Task 1: Please complete the arithmetic paper below. Answers are on the second page.                                   Friday arithmetic

Does your score continue to improve? Are there any areas you need to work on?


Task 2:  Have a go at at least 15 questions from this sheet Order of operations. The answers are on the last page.

                                        Order of operations BODMAS



                                                        Art inspired by music!

Over the years many artists have been inspired by a piece music to create their art.

Look closely at the pieces of art in the link below.

What can you see?                                                                                                                  What words would you use to describe the art work?                                                        Can you imagine how the music sounded?

Choose a piece of music, a favourite song or something that you are less familiar with such as jazz or classical. Then draw or paint along to it, using it as a spark to create art. How will the music affect your mood and the art you feel like creating

Please then send us a photo of your finished painting by email. Remember to include the title of the piece of music that inspired you.

Art inspired by music 


These will be changed every Monday. Please get somebody to test you at home. 

In your lined notebook, write a definition and your own interesting sentence for each word. 

obnoxious         potential

luscious             sacrificial

infectious          preferential

pretentious       impartial

fictitious             spacial 

gracious              official 


Let us know how you got on with last weeks spellings! 


 Reading comprehension (Purple book)

Expected Score:  'Insects on Summer vacation' page

Higher score:  'Footwear fashions' page 26

 Answers Chapter 1 Journey To The River Sea  

Read for at least 20 minutes and write a summary in your reading log. 

 Try and write a book review at some point about your book : Book review template