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Year Four Notice Board

Thank you all for a wonderful Spring term and we hope you have a lovely Easter break! 


Lemon Tree has arrived!

18.4.19 - A big thank you to Y4 for the donation of a lemon tree for the school garden. It is in a sunny spot between the olive tree and the orange tree.  Mrs Nicholas


Pedestrian Skills Training-

For2feet will be visiting school on Thursday 2 May 2019 to provide Pedestrian Skills Training for children in Year 4. Today we have sent home a permission slip letter for parents/carers to sign to give permission for your child to take part. Please can these be signed and returned as soon as possible. 

Pedestrian Skills Training letter


Spring Topic - Pure Imagination

Please see the attached vocabulary list for our new topic. This list is part of a new initiative called Word Aware that we are using in school. We thought it would be helpful to share this list with you so that you can use some of these words at home when discussing the topic. If your child speaks a different language at home it would be helpful to discuss and translate these words using your home language. We may need to add to this list during the topic as new words are introduced. 

Topic Vocabulary List Spring 2019


Weekly Reminders

Monday -Reading Records to be bought to school with at least 3 entries. 

Tuesday - Homework due. 

Wednesday  - 

Thursday - Homework goes out  & indoor PE 

Friday - Wake up, Shake up, PE (Please can the children come to school in their outdoor PE kits and bring their uniform to change back into)


Calendar/ Key dates

 School Diary

Friday 5th April- Break up for Easter 

Monday 22nd April- Bank holiday (No school)

Tuesday 23rd April- Back for the start of Summer Term 



Spring term- French 


Home Learning

Recent and extensive educational research has found that homework for primary aged children has minimal impact unless it reinforces learning and regularly allows children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings.



Children are expected to read at home regularly (at least 15 - 20 minutes daily) and to discuss their reading with an adult at home to develop language and comprehension. Please ensure that there are 3 entries with a comment written in the reading records each week. Entries should not only be made when a book is finished, but should be made while still reading a book. These comments can be written either by the child or by a parent/carer. Reading Record books must be brought into school every Monday to be checked. We are only looking for a sentence or two so the children can demonstrate their understanding of what they have read. For example, 'I enjoyed the beginning of the story because it was full of suspense.' 


Children are able to change their reading book whenever they need to.  Also children may borrow books from the Junior Library. We encourage the children to share their library book with an adult at home as well.

Helping your child with reading 

Nurturing young readers

Reading with your child in Key Stage 2

Year 4 Recommended Reading List


Key words/ Spelling

Please practise reading and writing your spellings. Make sure that you know the meaning of each word. There is a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet below that you can use to help you. Spellings will be tested through a dictation each week.


This week’s spellings:

List 1 and 2: 

1. fair 

2. fare

3. style

4. stile

5. air

6. heir

7. alter

8. altar

9. missed

10. mist 

High frequency:

1. you

2. are

3. put

4. sure

5. pass

6. only

7. sure

8. busy

9. parents

10. children



Spelling words assessed each Tuesday.

Learners choose which list to practice spellings from.  This is to encourage the learners to take ownership of their learning and make good learning choices. When practicing at home, ensure you understand the meaning of the word and can use it within a sentence. How many spelling words can you put into one sentence?


 Ideas to help with spelling
Look, Say, Write, Cover, Check



Complete page 28 'Past Tense with 'have'' in your Grammar workbook.


Complete pages 16 and 17  'Solving Number Problems' in your Maths workbook.


Number Facts and Times Tables

You can print your child's times tables challenge to practise at home. You can also see these overview with timings and key skills. 

Times tables challenge

Maths Curriculum Grid Year 4


Creative Home Learning

This term our Creative Home Learning is connected to our topic 'Pure Imagination.'

Spring Creative Home Learning 


Learning this week:


Tin Forest- Stories set in imaginary worlds


STEM activities 


Learning next week:






Y4 Spring Learning Tree