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Inspire - Nurture - Flourish

Year Three Notice Board

Our class reading book is:      





PSHE for week  07.06.21

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Changing Me

Lesson Number and title: Piece 1 How babies grow

Overview of lesson:

The needs of a baby. How babies change from birth, being young then being fully grown (animals and humans).

Vocabulary taught: changes, birth, animal, babies, mother, growing up.


If you have any questions, please contact your child’s class teacher.



Glue sticks 

Please send in a new glue stick for your child's pencil case. Most have now run out or dried out! Thanks!


Reading Records 

Please ensure your child returns their reading record to school every Monday with at least three dated comments in. Both adults and the children can write comments in the record. 



Unfortunately, Year 3 will not be able to have swimming lessons this year due to  continuing covid restrictions. The children will be able to complete their lessons when they are in Year 4. 



Please click below for the link to a presentation from the ukulele teacher to help the children revise.



Useful information for parents - Online ukulele tuner link 

Strings – from top – My dog has fleas ( this is a good way to hear if your ukulele is in tune). 

G 4th string (top string)

C 3rd string

E 2nd string

A 1st string (ground)

 Which way to turn the turners video


As you may be aware, last year Belmont have introduced a new handwriting scheme.

Here is a link to the new handwriting guidelines to enable you to support your children practising letter formation at home. 

Belmont Handwriting Guidelines


 Our topic this term is Veni, Vidi, Vici - learning all about the Romans. 

Our Word Aware grid for this Topic is here:

Word Aware - Veni, Vidi, Vici





Monday ( outdoor PE)

Tuesday ( indoor PE)



Monday ( outdoor PE)

Thursdays ( indoor PE)

Children need a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.

On colder days children may wear navy joggers or leggings. 

French Wednesday
Ukulele Wednesday


Calendar/ Key dates  

School Diary

17.5.21 Creative Arts week 


Home Learning

For further information about Home Learning and ideas on how to support your child please click here.

When supporting your child with Maths calculation please look at the methods we use in Year 3 in the school calculation policy.


Daily (15-20 mins)

Reading record checked on Mondays but books can be changed on any day.

Grammar & Punctuation Workbook

Set on Thursday, due in Wednesday. 


Set on Thursday.  Tested on the following Friday.

Maths Workbook

Set on Thursday, due in Wednesday. 

Times Tables

Times table practice sheets

Tested on Thursday. 

Creative Home Learning


This week:           Home learning is due in every Wednesday 

Grammar Workbook Please complete pages 14 'Phrases' and 15 'Noun Phrases.'
Maths Workbook Please complete pages 32 and 33 'Adding and Subtracting fractions'. 

Y3/4 Statutory Spelling list 



List 1

 Short 'i' sound spelt with 'y'


1.) myth

2.) gym

3.) Egypt

4.) pyramid

5.) mystery

6.) hymn

7.) system

8.) symbol

9.) lyric

10.) typical 

Year 3 Reading List

Learning Tree

Learning this week: 
English Leon and the place between 
Maths  Place value
Learning next week:
English Leon and the place between.
Maths Money Week 


 Bonjour Année 3! You can now practice French at home with the Belmont French website and Year 3 French Google classroom.

There is no weekly homework for French but you can explore the Belmont French website which contains your own Year 3 page and many other pages to discover France, French facts, French speaking countries and cultures around the world, French cooking and videos. 

Belmont French Website:


Year 3 page:


KS1 page Early years (the one with Peppa cochon 😉)



The Belmont French website is only for Belmont children so YOU MUST LOG IN TO YOUR BELMONT GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO ACCESS IT.

 I will also be adding activities and quizzes on Year 3 French Google classroom from time to time. You should have received an invitation to join French Google classroom but if you have not, you can join here (code:

cycmlqk): https://classroom.google.com/c/MTY1MTY0NDIyMzcy?cjc=cycmlqk

 You can also post comments on Classroom's stream to let me know what pages of the Belmont French website you have visited or just to say bonjour! 


Apprenez bien ! (Happy learning).

👩🏽‍🏫 Madame Radet