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GSO Test

Inspire - Nurture - Flourish

Year Two Notice Board                            

Books we have been reading in class this term include: 


      undefined undefined The Diary of a Killer Cat (The Killer Cat Series Book 1) eBook: Fine, Anne:  Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store


Damsons message

Mr Powell will be accompanying Year 6 on their school PGL trip WB 7.6.21. Damsons will be covered by Mrs Dolan during this week with Mrs Barrett supporting in the mornings as usual.


General reminders

1. Please check with your child to see if they need a new glue stick for their pencil case.

2. Please send in a healthy (nut free) snack for your child to eat at playtime. School fruit is provided. 

3. Please send in money for the tuck shop (see separate parentmail for more details). 50p per child is the maximum amount please. The children will bring their sweets home on Wednesday (Apricots) and Thursday (Damsons).


Summer Term RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) - Changing Me

7.6.21 - Lifecycles in nature

Key vocabulary: grow, change, life cycle, baby, adult, fully grown. 

14.6.21 - Growing from young to old

Key vocabulary: growing up, young, old, change, appearance, physical, respect. 



Assessment Update December 2020

On 3rd December, the government published assessment arrangements for the year ahead.
Year 2’s end of key-stage 1 tests (SATs) will be removed for one year, in recognition of the challenges posed by the pandemic.
The test results are usually combined with evidence from the classroom to form a teacher assessment judgement. This year we will continue to teacher assess how well our Year 2 pupils are doing in class and will share these judgements with you as part of your child’s end of year report - as we would usually do.


Books for Year 2

Here is a list of 50 books that are recommended reads for Year 2. 

50 Reads for Year 2 

Handwriting sheets (to print off at home)

Handwriting cursive alphabet

Handwriting cursive days of the week

Handwriting cursive Y2 words 


Calendar/ Key dates

School Diary

Money Week w.b. 14th June 2021

Sports day - Wed 23rd June 

Home Learning for this week:


15 minutes daily.

Please return every Monday and every Friday to get new books. 

CGP Grammar & Punctuation Workbook

Please complete page 32, 33 and 34 (ing and ed). Please bring homework books on Monday 14th June. 


Pages that have already been set: p2-17, p22, p28-30, p36-37, p39, p40 & 41

CGP Maths Reasoning Workbook

Please complete all remaining pages. 

Please bring homework books on Monday 14th June. 


Pages that have already been set: p1-20, p22-44, p47-54


We will be doing a common exception word spelling test on Monday 14th June. We will choose 20 words from the Y2 list. 


Common Exception Words Y1 & Y2


Practise for the Friday challenge. Times Table Challenges can be printed here


Optional extra maths...

Please login to MyMaths if you want to do any extra maths at home. 

You can always access the 'Practice' tab with progress/booster tasks. We will add extra tasks where they match the learning in class.  


We will give dojo house points to the children for doing any extra maths each week.

Creative Home Learning Project 

 There will be no creative home learning this term. 


General Routine Information



We visit the library every Monday.

Tuesday Outdoor PE (Damsons)  Damsons need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.

Outdoor PE (Apricots) 

Indoor PE (Damsons)

Apricots & Damsons need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.

Outdoor PE (Apricots) 

Apricots need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.


Times-Table Challenge

 This takes place in class every Friday. 

For further information about Home Learning and ideas on how to support your child please click here

Word Aware vocabulary grid

Word Aware Grid Summer 2021

Learning Tree 

Y2 Summer Learning Tree 2021

Common Exception Words - these are the words to read and spell by the end of Y2

CEW Y1 List & Y2 List

Learning this week:

The Diary of a Killer Cat - Week 2


Problem Solving (involving shapes)

Learning next week:
English Assessment - reading comprehension papers 
Maths Assessment - arithmetic maths questions 


BHSA Apricots: Nataliia (Andriy & Diana’s mum) & Etelka (Kartal's mum)

BHSA Damsons: Nathany (Gabi's mum) & Gabriela (Amaia's mum)

Thank you for your support this year!