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Y2 Potato Update from Mrs Nicholas
18.4.19 - I've been checking on the plants in the school garden and you'll be pleased to hear that the Y2 potatoes are growing well. The shoots have started to break through the soil so I've covered them with more compost and they are now almost at the top of the bag. They were planted on 5th March so have grown incredibly well in just 6 weeks. I wonder how many potatoes we will get from the three planted in this bag? 

Easter Homework

We sending home the 2018 maths reasoning paper (paper 2) as holiday homework. Parents, please support your child where needed. There is no official time limit for this paper. 

Before/After school

Can all parents be reminded that before and after school there should be no ball games or use of the play equipment. Children are not permitted to help themselves to balls or other equipment from the resource sheds. This is for health and safety reasons. Once you hear the bell, children should join their class in a line and parents wait at the back. Thank you for your cooperation.

Y2 SATs - Up to date document attached

Some parents have been asking about the national curriculum tests (SATs) that take place in May for Year 2 pupils. Here is the parent information booklet that was issued in April.

Information for Parents 2019 SATs 


If you would like to donate any snacks the children would be very grateful. Thank you.

Summer Term

Our next summer term topic is 'Water, Water, Everywhere'. 


BHSA Apricots

Lesley Cargill (Francesca's Mum)

Katayoun Ameri (Ayman's Mum)

BHSA Damsons:

Irene Guasch (Jordi's Mum)

Jenda Martin (Hugh's Mum)

Laura Izard (Annabelle's Mum)

Thank you for your support this year!


Calendar/ Key dates

School Diary

Friday 5th April - End of Spring term

Monday 22nd April - Bank Holiday Easter Monday 

Tuesday 23rd April - School Back



Welcome to KS1 Letter 2018

Garden Letter 2018


Home Learning 

Recent and extensive educational research has found that homework for primary aged children has minimal impact unless it reinforces learning and regularly allows children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings.



Children are expected to read at home regularly (at least 10 - 15 minutes daily) and to discuss their reading with an adult at home to develop language and comprehension. Reading Records must be brought into school every day. Children are able to change their reading book whenever they need to. Children may also borrow books from the Infant Library. We encourage the children to share their library book with an adult at home as well.

Nurturing young readers

Reading with your child in KS1

Parents often ask for age-appropriate book recommendations. The list below includes many popular books that your child may like. If your child has a particular favourite book/author/series please let us know and we will add it to the list. 

Year 2 book recommendations


Key words/Spelling

In Year 2 there are specific phonetic spelling patterns to learn. In addition to these phonetic spelling patterns there are also common exception words (words that don't follow the phonics rules).

Our weekly spelling words will cover all the Y2 spelling patterns and common exception words during the year. 

Please practise reading and writing your spellings. Make sure that you know the meaning of each word. There is a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet below that you can use to help you. Spellings will be tested through a dictation each week. Spelling words will be added below on a Monday and the dictation will take place the following Monday. 

Common exception words Y1 & Y2

Look Say Cover Write Check

Ideas to help with spelling


This week’s spellings:

These are for Monday 29th April. The words are common mistakes we see in English lessons. 











Belmont Handwriting Guidelines 
Here is a copy of our handwriting guidelines. Belmont follows an adapted version of the Nelson scheme. In Year 2, once individual letter formation is accurate, the children are encouraged to start using cursive/joined up writing during lessons. 


Number Facts and Times Tables

You can print your child's times tables challenge to practise at home. All children are starting on Level 1. Year 2 will do the times table challenge every Friday and the children will bring home their challenge sheet to share with you. 

Times table challenge

Maths Curriculum Grid Year 2

Y2 Maths Calculation Policy


Creative Home Learning

Y2 Spring 2019 Creative Home Learning


Learning this week:


Rosa Parks




Learning next week: 


Holiday recount, Reading/comprehension 


Number, doubles, halves, addition and subtraction


Learning Tree 

Y2 Autumn Learning Tree 2018

Y2 Spring Learning Tree 2019